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Zeinab Bouljhaf (ENG) (2022)

Employee Radicalization & Extremism at the Municipality of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam)

Indy Booij (SV Alladin): “Zeinab Bouljhaf studied Islamic and Arabic studies at Utrecht University from 2015 until 2018. During her studies she was involved in the education committee. After finishing her bachelor, Zeinab started the Master Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam, which she is still currently finishing. In 2019 she also started working at the municipality of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) as an employee dealing with Radicalization & Extremism. Her skills include government advising and dealing with extremism, religion.

Zeinab’s occupations demonstrate the societal as well as the academic significance of the contemporary study of religion. She has been involved in boards of universities in the field of Islam. Her variety of occupations can tell us something about the significance of the academic study of religion for our society. Religion is a topic which tackles broad societal issues, but is also approachable from a local level, like Zeinab currently does while working at the municipality of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam). As of this year Zeinab is also in the board of MUSA, an Islamic studentassociation at the UvA.

Are you interested in what it’s like to work at a municipality and advise on extremism and radicalisation? Come to the Career Night 2022 and find out more about Zeinab Bouljhaf work!”