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Roel Bergmans (ENG) (2022)

Trainee at Omix Young Professionals

Are you curious what sorts of opportunities a language degree can offer? Are you interested in working abroad as a teacher or in doing a traineeship outside of your studies? Come and listen to Roel Bergmans to find out more!

Victoria Bluriot (SV Albion): “Roel’s career is a great example of the flexibility that a degree in English Language and Culture offers. He graduated in 2018 and did a master in Intercultural Communication, graduating from that in 2019. After working as an English teacher in China for several months, Roel started a career as a translator/interpreter for the University of Utrecht. In February 2021 he got a traineeship at Omix Young Professionals, where he completes a wide range of short-term missions within multiple universities. His missions included working as an admissions officer at the University of Amsterdam and at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, being an education researcher for the Hague University of Applied Sciences and an education scheduler at Het VISTA College. His work allows him to gain experience in many different domains and build a network whilst having a lot of flexibility.”