Humanities Career Night


Wendy Reniers (2019)

SKILLS: consultancy, translating ideas into practice, didactic skills (teaching and coaching), writing, reviewing, blogging, researching, journalism, project management, proof readering, WordPress, Microsoft Word, intercultural communication, Dutch, English, motivation, coordination, redirecting, analysing, costumer service and organization sensitivity, creativity, setting goals, guarding limits, taking initiative.

Myrthe Dijkstra from Study Association Alias: “After having obtained het Bachelor Language and Culture Studies (majoring in Linguistics), Wendy followed a master’s in Intercultural Communication at Utrecht University. Afterwards, she became a junior project manager at TopTaal. After about a year, she was promoted to project manager. She followed a training programme in teaching internally at at TopTaal and interned there as well, to become an NT2 teacher. Sinds the beginning of 2018, Wendy has also taken on the development of teaching material at TopTaal. She learned creative writing at the Writer’s Academy, focussing on fantasy and science fiction.
During her study, Wendy volunteered for several organizations, such as coordination for the Voorleesexpress (‘Reading Express’), and editor-in-chief for the cultural online magazine CLEEFT.
If you are interested in linguistic education, but also in creative writing or the development of teaching programme’s, Wendy is your go-to-girl to see at the Career Night!”