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The Humanities Career Night 2019 is coming up! Block Monday night the 18th of February in your agenda. The event’s theme is SKILLS: Unlock your talent!

As a humanities student you learn al kinds of skills that are important once you enter the professional field, such as distinguishing primary and secondary issues, seeing the broader context, presenting, analyzing, summarizing and nuancing. You are very broadly educated, and you will get job opportunities in all kinds of places. But what exact skills do you already possess, and how can you unlock and express those abilities, once you get to the professional field?

At the 2019 Career Night, you will find all kinds of workshops that will help you find, name and further develop your skills. There will also be a diverse group of alumni present, who are excited to talk to you and explain to you how their education within the Humanities Department got them to where they are now!

The Humanities Career Night 2018 focussed on ‘Money within the Humanities’, and the 2017 theme was ‘Value of the Humanities’. The clips below will give you a short impression from the last years: