Humanities Career Night


Diversity of the Humanities

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The Humanities Career Night will take place on April 24th, 2024. Check out the programme and register now to make sure you can go to your first choice of alumni & workshops. 

On the theme: 

No faculty is as diverse as Humanities. From language and culture to art, history, and artificial intelligence: everything you need as a critical global citizen can be found here. Humanities students themselves are particularly diverse. But what connects us? And what is that knowledge and diversity exactly worth after your studies? During the Career Night, you’ll get an idea of what your life and career could look like. Alumni will tell you how a degree in Humanities can also take you beyond the boundaries of your field, how you can make surprising choices, and perhaps even have multiple jobs simultaneously. You’ll learn what working in diversity and inclusion entails, how to deal with being ‘different’ in the workplace, and what skills you need to leverage your unique profile in the job market. Does your field of study determine your future career, or is another field closer than you think?… Come to the Humanities Career Night and find out!