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In a world that revolves around an apocalyptic future in terms of climate change and in which our lives have been afflicted by a virus for almost 2 years now, the Faculty of Humanities in collaboration with all its student associations launches the Humanities Career Night 2022 on Thursday, March 10 with the theme: Sustainability!

When thinking about this theme, don’t just think about sustainability as being ‘better for the earth’, but also as being about your own career and job orientation and your own functioning in the present.

On this evening you can attend workshops and lectures on themes such as mental health, being sustainable with yourself, happiness at work, sustainable use of time – planning, work rhythm, boundaries – sustainable travel in international organizations, reuse of materials and knowledge, continuing to learn, local organizing and sustainability ethics, etc.

About forty alumni of the faculty will talk about their jobs and their careers. How did they find their passion? How do they maintain their energy? How does sustainability work its way into their job?

Whether this evening will be live, online or hybrid we don’t know yet. But in case of a live event, we will organize an exchange market. That will be the entrance fee for this evening: bring a minimum of 3 books, clothes or other items worth swapping, and bring back as many as you came with. Nice and circular.

Previous editions

Last year, the first online Humanities Career Night was themed Jobs of the Future: the future of the humanities-student, the future of the professional field and the future of the Humanities in general. The Humanities Career Night 2020 was themed ‘Wanted: Humanities Graduates!’, in 2019 the Career Night was all about SKILLS, in 2018 we focussed on ‘Money and the Humanities’, and the 2017 theme was ‘Value of the Humanities’. The clips below will give you a short impression:

Humanities Career Night 2019: SKILLS

Humanities Career Night 2020: Wanted: Humanities Graduates!

Online Humanities Career Night 2021: Future of the Humanities

With a digital Future-Café with beers and 0,0% drinks especially brewed by Boot 122 for the Humanities Career Night 2021 (see the story behind Boot 122).