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The Humanities Career Night will take place on April 25 2023. The theme is IMPACT.

The Humanities and the technologized and globalized society we live in are in constant interaction. This dialogue between society and the individual mind, the masses and the arts, history and the future through languages, communication, media and meaning-making is how the Humanities make an impact. With awareness and the study of culture, art, language and history, we can influence and perhaps even improve society.

We Humanities scholars must know how to move in today’s society and in our future field of work. In practice, we have individual impact within any organization. At the Career Night, you can orientate on your own impact during conversations with alumni and workshops with companies. Your voice and impact matter.

Previous editions Humanities Career Night had the following themes:

2022: Sustainability
2021: Jobs of the Future
2020: Wanted: Humanities Graduates!
2019: SKILLS
2018: Money and the Humanities
2017: Value of the Humanities.

The clip of the ‘Humanities Career Night 2019: SKILLS’ and the photo’s of ‘Humanities Career Night 2020: Wanted: Humanities Graduates!‘ and the ‘Online Humanities Career Night 2021: Future of the Humanities’ will give you an impression:

Humanities Career Night 2019: SKILLS

Humanities Career Night 2020: Wanted: Humanities Graduates!

Online Humanities Career Night 2021: Future of the Humanities (with a digital Future-Café with beers and 0,0% drinks especially brewed by Boot 122 for the Humanities Career Night 2021; see the story behind Boot 122).