Humanities Career Night


Maureen Jonkergouw (2019)

SKILLS: digital/social media, communication, content management, marketing, press, research, academic writing, usability, strategic communication, SPSS, Google Analytics, Storytelling, intercultural communication, awareness campaigns, redirecting, webcare/webdesign/web management and communication consultancy.

Naomi van Manen from Study Association Awater: “‘Being a communication consultant and expert on the Dutch language, I love texts. Making texts easier to understand, more convincing and more readable in general is what I love to do. Besides that, I like to concern myself with the human side of communication.’ Maureen Jonkergouw points out what side of a Humanities study is usually underestimated on her LinkedIn page: that a study in the Dutch language or communication, besides texts, has a human side as well. She brings the knowledge she has gained doing her Bachelor in Dutch Language and Culture and her Master in Communication and Organization into practice as a communication consultant and press officer for the Jeroen Bosch hospital in ‘s Hertogenbosch. There she started as an intern in patient communications, before starting her job there as a Digital Media employee. From there she rolled into her current job, in which she researches possible new ways of communication that could improve patients’ registration and communication towards patients and employees at the hospital. It is very important that patients can understand everything that is going on, therefore Maureen speaks with these patients a lot. She has experience with managing the hospital’s Facebook and writing texts for the website as well. She also concerns herself with news: writing articles and working with freelancers. Maureen proves that combining people and texts in her job is very well possible. Do you want to know all about how she managed to combine these two? Come listen to Maureen Jonkergouw!”