Humanities Career Night


Matthijs Berepoot (2019)

SKILLS: sponsoring/fundraising/strategy, recruiting independent donors, analytical thinking, social media, writing, planning and organizing skills, strategic advice, policy consulting, academic research and connecting sports and culture.

Eline Spit from Study Association AKT and Myrthe Dijkstra from Study Foundation Alias: “Matthijs Berepoot has been active in the cultural sector since he was a student. He studied Theatre, Film and Television Studies, ánd Language and Cultural Studies (most of it at the same time!) and then followed the Master Art Policy and Management. While doing all of that, he was also an active member of Ice Skating Club ‘Softijs’, and volunteered for the Dutch Film Festival (which he still does!). In 2014 and 2015 he was Secretary for the UU’s University Council. Long story short: Matthrijs is a doer.
After having worked for the Fund for Cultural Participation and Van Dooren Consultancy (which also concerns itself with fundraising), Matthijs has been working since two years as a Specialist in Cultural Participation at the LKCA: the Royal Institute of Knowledge for Cultural Education and Amateur Art, where he concerns himself with connecting culture and the participation in it to everyone, and incorporating cultural participation into all sectors of society.
Interested in what Matthijs can tell you about his study, his career and his SKILLS? Come see him at the Career Night!