Humanities Career Night


Emily de Valk (2019)

SKILLS: magazines, change management, team building, people development, innovation, inspiration and stimulation.

Emma Knol from Study Foundation Art: “Emily de Valk received her bachelor diploma for Art History in 2006. Three short years later she was co-founder of the succesful organisation AimAtArt. This organisation stimulates companies to use its employees creativity to the fullest extent. Whily studying, Emily was inspired by the innovative approach she saw in many artists, which is an approach she now wants to incorporate into all kinds of businesses.
By incorporating art and science into the business sector, AimAtArt’s focus is to introduce a new way of thinking. When approaching an issue with a completely different and creative mindset, new ideas arise and constant innovation and renewal becomes possible within a company. AimAtArt was founded almost ten years ago and their method is still relevant nowadays, demand for creativity within the business sector keeps growing.”