Humanities Career Night


Wolf Hijlkema (2019)

SKILLS: scrum, agile, kanban, project/IT/change/account/Retail management, (mental) coaching, advice, marketing, software development, new/social media, public relations and the Dutch and English languages.

Lotte Murrath from Study Association Albion: “Have you ever met a person that gave you this extremely long list of interesting answers when you asked them what they do and what their talents are? Wolf Hijlkema is a person like that. He is scrum master and coach and has a lot of experience in project management and agile methodologies. Besides the before mentioned, Wolf is co-founder of ‘mail from Sint’. After studying English Language and Culture at the UU, he did the master in Western Language and Culture, also at the UU. Working with someone with such broad and creative interests will be very inspiring!”