Humanities Career Night


Marieke Roelofs (2019)

SKILLS: Scum, Python, BeautifulSoup, Strava API, Oracle, Postgres, Microsoft databases, ETL-tooling, Talend, Quipu, DWH-automation tool Qosqo, SQL, teaching classic languages at high school level, Ancient Greek and Latin.

Merel Reintjes from Study Association Asterix: “Sometimes it will feel as if the skills that you acquire at your study, don’t match up with today’s labor market, that is getting more and more digital every day. To put that whole idea a little bit into perspective, S.A. Asterix proudly presents alumna Marieke Roelofs, Business Intelligence Consultant at Nippur. Not only does she have degrees in two language studies (Greek and Latin Language and Culture at the Radboud University Nijmegen and Celtic Languages and Culture at Utrecht University), she also has years of experience as a teacher in the classic languages at high school level. So if you are wondering how on earth language and data can be connected and how you can use your degree in a Humanities study to find a job in today’s labor market, Marieke is your go-to girl.”