Humanities Career Night


Maaike van der Wel (2019)

SKILLS: orchestral music, writing, music theory, event production, social media, film production, concerts, event planning, music, administration, evenementmanagement, Dutch and English.

Judith Hassink from Study Association Hucbald: “When studying Music Studies, the question that you will get to hear most is ‘… and what exactly can you do with that?’. If you still have not found a good answer to this, you might want to ask alumni where they eventually ended up. Maaike van der Wel has a career in the music industry, and is still exploring what else she can do. Since a short time, she has been working at the Residentie Orkest as an administrative employee. She combines this with ther own production company ‘Van der Wel Media Productions’, for which she creates music and film productions, as well as concerts, for composers, orchestras, directors and more creative clients. Curious how she got to where she is now? Do you want to finally be able to explain where a study in Music Studies can get you? Come visit her!”