Humanities Career Night


Joyce Duursma (2019)

SKILLS: research, editing, project management, SPSS, teaching, coaching and the English and Dutch languages.

Lotte Murrath from Study Association Albion: “When you tell people that you study English Language and Culture, do you get the question if you want to become a teacher or a translator? These can be perfect for you, of course, but we can imagine that after a while you will get bored of only hearing these two options for your future perspective, after you have finished your study at the UU. Joyce Duursma is the perfect example of an English Language and Culture student, who has found a different job than you might initially expect: she is consultant continuous improvement for the Volksbank! After having graduated from her study at the UU, she went on to do the Master Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Tilburg, with a specialisation in Intercultural Communication, after which she came to work at the bank. So there you have it: there are so many possibilities with the BA English Language and Culture! You can do anything you want.”