Humanities Career Night


Eva Cornuijt (2019)

SKILLS: (creative) writing, redirecting, publishing, translating, the French and Dutch languages, editing, proofreading, correcting, (marketing/internal/corporate) communication, brochures, coaching, management and interviews.

Stella Koelink from Study Association Cercle: “After having done the bachelor French Language and Culture and having finished a master in Intercultural Communication, Eva Cornuijt is no working at PrimaScript as well as Cito – a Dutch learning institute. At PrimaScript she is responsible for a number of tasks: she is a text writer, editor and translator, and has in the past worked as a language assessor, language examinator, test constructor and author as well. So, she writes and rewrites lots of texts, such as articles, websites, brochures and lettres, but she has also worked as an educational author French for ThiemeMeulenhoff: a Dutch educational publisher. She is therefore a multitalented person that does not only work with the French language, but also translates from English and concerns herself with mbo-levelled exams in the Dutch language. In short: Eva Cornuijt is the perfect example for the versatility that comes with studying a language!”