Humanities Career Night


(ENG) Inge Oosterhoff (2020)

Rosa van den Bos of Studyassociation Alias: “Inge shows that shows that the broad interest that TCS students have also offer many career opportunities. She is a freelance writer, she works on articles and researches for (documentary) makers and is a translator, especially in the latter her major American Studies within TCS comes in handy. She therefore specializes in stories about society, identity and American culture, and personal interviews. In addition, she is busy as a board member of the Stichting Verhalende Journalistiek Foundation, where she is involved in the exchange of knowledge and inspiration between narrative journalists from different disciplines (such as writing, photography, multimedia, podcast, film) in the Netherlands and abroad. Here too, the broad interest is clearly recognizable. Inge writes stories that, as she says herself, ‘shows a different way of thinking, seeing and experiencing’. “