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(ENG) Data Storytelling & Creative Learning Development (2020)

After studying Literary Studies, Merel had no idea what she wanted to do. “I couldn’t find a masterprogramme that really excited me and noticed that I needed something practical: I wanted to do something. While working in a coffee shop, I got into a conversation with a client who had also studied Literature in the past. Not so long ago he had started his own company, called Noah Road.”

Noah Road builds bridges between start-ups and the job market in fields that are at the crossroads between people and technology. This means that they offer two-year traineeships in, for example, Data Storytelling, Creative Learning Development and Front-end Development. During the traineeship the skills you have developed in your Humanities-programme, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and a broad range of interests, form the starting point. After a short basic training you will immediately start working for a real company, i.e. learning on the job. During the traineeship you will be supervised to see what you are good at, what you like and what suits you and you will immediately earn a salary that suits your position.

Merel: “I had never heard of such a company before and during that first interview I couldn’t understand what Noah Road was doing, but my interest was piqued and I decided to talk to them. It clicked and now I’m almost half way through my Creative Learning Development traineeship.

What I want to do after the traineeship, I don’t know yet. For me, Noah Road is not an end station, but a stopover where I gain new experiences every day and get the space to further develop my skills”.

Also curious? Come and visit Merel at the market or take a look at Noah Roads website: