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(ENG) A hint of DISC (2020)

The workshop

Every person has certain tendencies in their personalities: some are quite self-aware, others can be more direct, one is sociable and the other more introverted. This training will show you what your behavior tells you about your personality, what this means when dealing with group projects and how to get the best out of your own personality.

DISC puts behaviour, talent and ways of communicating in words. DISC believes that everyone has a unique set of communication and behavioural patterns, and becoming aware of this leads to better collaboration and better performance. DISC distinguishes between four behavioural styles with which you can predict attitude and behavior.

After this workshop you have an idea of where ou are in the DISC, but also where your fellow students are, how you can anticipate this, what you can do with this information in communication with others or profiling yourself. 

The trainer

Janna Vink studied Social Sciences at the UvA. She worked for Swapfiets and Zuivere Koffie when she discovered that AIESEC offerd international projects. She had such a great experience that she wanted to stay, so she applied for the board of AIESEC. Since July she is responsible for the internships at start-ups and corporates.

The organisation

AISEC is AIESEC is an international student organization active in more than 1700 universities in 124 countries: AIESEC is the largest student organization in the world. Its members are students and recent graduates of higher education institutions interested in leadership, management and international affairs. The core task of AIESEC is to offer development opportunities to students in the field of international cooperation.