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Thijs Joores (ENG) (2023)

Editor literary non-fiction and fiction at Ambo|Anthos publishers

Thijs Joores makes impact through work at a publishing house

SV Euphorion: “Thijs Joores works as a non-fiction editor at Ambo|Anthos publishers. After studying Literary Studies at the UU, he took the Master’s Redacteur/Editor at the UvA, which provides good preparation for the position of editor. Thijs is no newcomer to the publishing world: he has previously worked at Boom publishers, De Bezige Bij and Atlas Contact. In addition to his job as an editor, Thijs is involved in the literary platform Vuurland and writes reviews for De Reactor.

Want to know exactly what kind of work an editor does? Ask Thijs all about his experiences in the literary field and hear how he makes an impact at Ambo|Anthos.”