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Susanne Beckers (2021)

Are you interested in creating teaching materials, workshops and educational programs? Would you love to execute your own creations as well? If you have a passion for filmmaking and have you ever wondered what it is like to create content for educational purposes? Then Susanne Beckers is the perfect person to inform you!

Eva Sammelius, AKT: “Susanne completed her Bachelor Theatre- Film and Television Science at the UU in 2009 and primarily focussed on film courses. Furthermore, she completed her Master or Arts in 2013. She is currently working in multiple fields of interests, which makes her a very versatile alumnus! Susanne is a workshop teacher and primarily teaches filmworkshops, but she teaches 3D drawing as well! Moreover, she will be able to inform you about her job as a coordinator for “De Filmacademie” at LUX, which functions as a Filmhouse that specializes in Arthouse and offering a cultural stage. Last but not least, Susanne also works as a programmer in the educational field at InScience, which organizes the Science Film Festival! The International Science Film Festival in Nijmegen shows a variety of international scientific films and you are able to see international top scientists, filmmakers and more!

If you are interested in a versatile work environment, how to make your way into this particular working field or if you just got curious about Susanne’s work field, don’t hesitate to stop by! She will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and inform you as well as she can.”