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Merle van Eerden (ENG) (2022)

Consular Adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rianne Wieland (SV Adelante): “Merle van Eerden embarked on her student life in 2017. Within four years she managed to complete the bachelors French and Spanish language and culture at Utrecht University. Her interest in different languages and cultures was also shown in her exchange in 2019 to the University of Saint Petersburg, Russia to learn more about the Russian language and culture. During her studies, she worked as a Student Assistant for the bachelor Spanish language & culture at Utrecht University in 2020. Afterwards, she worked for a short time at Zeeman as HR Administrator French speaking. Following this, in early 2021, she took on the position of Consular Relations Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she has continued to work to this day.

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