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Erlijn Mulder (ENG) (2022)

International Affairs at the Municipality of Utrecht

Sanne Lolkema (SV Awater): “Erlijn Mulder started her Bachelor’s degree in Dutch Language and Culture in 1991. During her studies, she worked for a few years as an intern at the publishing company Bulkboek. After graduating, Erlijn worked for six years as a communications advisor at Nuon N.V.. Here she worked in various disciplines of the communications field and had the opportunity to write a book about the history of the company. Currently, she has been working for the Municipality of Utrecht as a spokesperson and strategist for over fifteen years. Here, half of her work is in English and she is active in many international networks. As a strategic advisor she is currently working on international alliances and networks that will support collaborations on healthy urban living strategy for the urban development of the city of Utrecht. In her work, she gives many presentations abroad about this to strengthen opportunities for Utrecht city and region. Up until a year ago, she was also involved in the project ‘Utrecht, City of Literature’, in which the Municipality of Utrecht and Literatuurhuis Utrecht were working together to put Utrecht on the map as a city of reading.

In her spare time, Erlijn is a board member of ‘Letters of Utrecht’; a project in which every Saturday a new letter of a poem is written in stone. She is also currently on the board of the theatre group Aluin and Straatnieuws. In short: Erlijn is very active as a Dutch language and culture graduate within the City of Utrecht and combines her love for language and stories and her love for the city, both professionally and in her spare time.

Would you like to learn more about what it’s like to work in a municipality and be involved so much with language and stories? Then come to the Career Night and talk to Erlijn Mulder!