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Emma Bergmans (ENG) (2022)

Programme Coordinator Safety & Emergency Response at Free Press Unlimited

Are you interested in conflict- and human rights-related content, with a special focus on the African continent? Emma Bergmans, speaking to you from Kenia, can tell you all about this!

Alexandra Iburg (CS Ubuntu): “Emma Bergmans has already had an impressive career so far, even at a very young age. Her journey started at Maastricht University in 2012, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on international relations and conflict studies. Her specialization in Africa already started during this bachelor, when she went on an exchange to South Africa. She obtained her diploma in 2016 and continued her studies in Utrecht, where she completed her Masters in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. Her graduation research was about the stigmatization of children born in times of war as a result of sexual violence in northern Uganda.

After her studies, Bergmans started working for the volunteer organization PUM, where she coordinates projects in Rwanda, Ghana and Mali. She continued doing similar great work for voluntary organizations at Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland. Since 2019, Emma Bergmans has been working for the Dutch NGO Free Press Unlimited, an organization that aims to make independent and reliable information available to everyone, especially in areas where there is little press freedom. Bergmans is currently fulfilling the function of Programme Coordinator Safety & Emergency Response in Kenia, and among other things she is concerned with the safety of media workers and journalists in distress. In addition to her work at this NGO, she has also coordinated programs for Movement on the Ground. This organization aims to reform refugee camps into safe and healing environments.”