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Catharina Rentmeester (ENG) (2021)

Does being a stage manager at your own company sound like a future to you? Do you see yourself going on tour with artists, making sure everything is in order backstage? Do you see yourself working in venues for concerts and events?

Rosemarie Koster (SV Asterix): “Catharina studied Celtic Languages and Culture in Utrecht and graduated from the Medieval Welsh Literature Master in Aberystwyth in 2011. After her studies she started working at festivals, helping theatre groups and artists build up and take down their sets, as well as general festival site building. From 2014 onwards she worked as a volunteer light operator at several venues to learn the craft. Meanwhile she also worked as a backstagemanager, artist host and stagehand, to gain work experience and technical knowledge. At the end of 2017 she went on tour with Ellen ten Damme as light assistant and followspot operator after which she started working as a light operator in different venues in and around The Hague. Over the years she has worked at BFU, Wonderfeel, LGW?, Rewire, Lowlands, TivoliVredenburg, Ekko, Paard, to name a few. Catharina owns her own company ‘Cat’s Empire’ yet due to Covid-19 she decided to make a career switch and is currently working an application manager at Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe.