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(ENG) Procrastination (2020)

About the workshop

The web is full of (free) anti-procrastination, yet it is a persistent phenomenon. How is that possible? In this workshop you will discover why anti-procrastination tips often do not work, and what you can do about it. Can things be done differently? Do you want it different? How can you do that?
Those very important questions are the basis of Angela van Son’s work as a trainer and procrastination-coach: “I mainly coach clients on topics as procrastination, perfectionism, and the feeling of being stuck/not getting anywhere. And the result is actually always that people not only get more done, but also feel better about themselves”. Do you want to know more about procrastination and how to deal with it? Then join this workshop! Or talk to Angela at the market.

About the trainer

Angela van Son works as a procrastination coach for clients including Ormit, Municipality of Utrecht, Schouten and Nelissen, Philips, the University of Applied Sciences Management Documentary Information, SOD courses, MKB Cursus & Training, Van ‘t Loo – Van Eck and Linguarama, and recently published a book!
Her career is a great example of things going differently than planned. She wanted to study journalism, but was not selected. She then chose to study History in Utrecht, also studied Economic History and became a researcher. She worked on a dissertation at NIOD, but got burn-out. A few years later, she started her own company as a communication trainer  “while I had always thought that employment was my ideal… And fortunately, I like it very much!” She still works a lot with academics (from students to professors), but also in different kinds of organisations outside the field of Science. And she still learns a lot herself, every day!
More information about Angela van Sons work can be found at en