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STARTUP ENTREPRENEURSHIP – start a business to create impact with your research (2019)

Learn the basics of startup entrepreneurship. Discover what makes that an idea or research has enough potential to bring it to market as an (academic) startup ánd if you aspire a career as an entrepreneur.

This workshop is provided by Stefan Braam of UtrechtInc, the UU and UMCU startup incubator. Stefan had his own startup years ago and worked in various organizations as a digital development manager for more than 15 years. He will take you through the following subjects: How can you find out if there business potential in your research? Have you ever considered starting your own company? How could an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills help you take your knowledge to society? Thinking like a startup will open your eyes to new possibilities to create impact. Even if you are never going to start your own business these skills could help you advance in your academic, government or corporate career as well.