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(ENG) Workshop: Networking, professionalizing your curiosity! (2021)

You do already have a network: your family, friends, fellow students, student society, sportsclub, etc. But maybe you consider them just ‘people you know’.  But they might be professionally interesting as well, maybe not yet because they are working at company X but because they know you and they can think with you about your professional future as well, and will keep you in mind in their professional future!

In addition to these contacts, you can actively start looking for people you don’t know yet, but who can potentially help you along in your professional future. Or reveal new possibilities! Networking is actually simply professionalizing your curiosity, starting to search for what you were not aware of before, being interested in others and having genuine contact with new people!

This workshop will give  you lots of tips and tricks, and moreover: room for all your questions about the what, how, where, (why, maybe?), what to do, what to avoid, etcetera.

You will also be introduced tot the alumnitool on LinkedIn via which you can find alumni from your university, or specifically from your degree programme, to connect with.

And maybe, the workshop will be a networking-event itself. We might help eachother out or give suggestions where to go or talk to as a next step!