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(ENG / NL) Working for the European Union, your future? (2021)

Do you see yourself working for the European Union, or would you like to explore the possibilities there? There are already opportunities in the EU during your studies, the EU offers internships for example.

After graduation (from Bachelor level on) a traineeship at the European Parliament (EP) is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in an international and multicultural atmosphere after your studies. The paid, so-called ‘Robert Schuman traineeships’ are open to all graduates and last 5 months. And another example: a traineeship with the European Commission! You can start as a trainee not only if you have studied International Relations, European Studies or a comparable subject. The European Commission is looking for specialists in various fields. The Dutch language department also offers trainee posts, so Language students, but also students from other disciplines, can apply. This traineeship will get you a (-n international) network and gain relevant work experience for a high-level career.

In this Future-Talk Renske Pelsma, EU Ambassador, tells you about career opportunities at the EU!