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(ENG) Map your skills! (2020)

The workshop

Do you know what skills you actually have? Often you don’t think about it that much. Being able to recognise, name and associate the right terms with your skills is… a skill in itself!  For example, are you familiar with terms like Transferable Skills, Soft Skills / Hard Skills and 21st Century Skills, or Academic Skills? And do you know what skills you have? If you want to convince an employer of your suitability for an internship or job, it is important that you are able to express clearly what you are capable of

After this workshop you will know what the concepts Transferable Skills, Soft Skills / Hard Skills and 21st Century Skills and Academic Skills mean;  you are more aware of the skills you have developed during your studies, in side jobs and in other activities, and can better put them into words. You have learned to distinguish between specialist and generic (subject-specific) skills and you have a better idea about what skills your could use in jobs after your studies.

The trainer

Rutger-Jan Scholtens studied Cultural Anthropology, with a Minor Conflict Studies and Minor Latin America, and completed his Master in Cultural Anthropology with a qualitative study of the social position of highly educated Moroccan-Dutch Muslimas. He became a lecturer (was 2 times ‘lecturer of the year’) and thesis-supervisor at the Department of Cultural Anthropology. He also worked at the University for Humanistics and at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and started his own thesis guidance office. Since 2015 he has been working as a coach & trainer at Career Services, and did an intensive course on Coaching & Counseling Transactional Analysis at the TA Academy in Soesterberg and the MBTI Step 1 Qualification Training at The Myers Briggs Company, Amsterdam. He helps students with questions about labourmarketorientation, networking and jobapplications, and provides training in the field of self-analysis, interpersonal & intercultural communication and group dynamics. He is also involved in projects with external parties, such as the Ghana Business Challenge in collaboration with Sustainable Motion.