Humanities Career Night


Vera Vandenberghe (ENG) (2023)

Project Manager at Stichting Fight cancer

Vera makes impact through fundraising.

Sharon van Berlo (SV Contact): “Vera Vandenberghe did a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences in Utrecht, graduating in 2016. She then completed an education at KRO-NCRV and a traineeship at Endemolshine. After all this schooling, she started working as an editorial assistant at BNNVARA in 2017. Since that year, Vera has held similar positions at different employers. For example, she has been a reporter and casting director and editor in addition to editor.

In June 2021, however, Vera made a career switch when she started working as a project manager at Stichting Fight cancer. This is a foundation that raises money for groundbreaking cancer research and cancer prevention. Because, only with more research can we move toward a world with less cancer. It is a foundation that Vera holds dear to her heart and that is why she dedicates herself wholeheartedly to all the projects and events she is allowed to organize. With her position as project manager and the funds she manages to raise through the events she organizes, Stichting Fight cancer is committed to a world where hopefully cancer no longer has to be a deadly disease.

Want to learn more about Vera and the route she has taken during her career? Want to know how she makes an impact by working for a foundation with social importance? Want to know what it’s like to be a project manager organizing fundraising events? Then come to Career Night and experience the possibilities of your future.”