Humanities Career Night


Samaa Mohammad-Ulenberg (ENG) (2023)

Founder & Executive Director of Dutch AI Ethics Community

Samaa Mohammad-Ulenberg makes impact through ethics.

USCKI Incognito: “Samaa Mohammad-Ulenberg (1999) has followed the Bachelor Artificial Intelligence in Utrecht, where she wrote her thesis on social bias in automated-decision-making algorithms. During her bachelor Samaa fulfilled the position of Board member for Academic and Business affairs at Incognito for a year. After completing her bachelor in 2021 she did freelancing work ranging from web developer or project manager to English translator. The entire year of 2022 she worked as a fulltime business initiator at Hiro. In the meantime, in September 2021 she founded the Dutch AI Ethics Community (DAIEC). This is a community that aims to bring (young) AI ethics, students, programmers, researchers, professionals, founders and other ethics enthusiasts together. At the DAIEC talks are organized on the topic of AI ethics. Samaa now works as the Executive Director of DAIEC. For her efforts in AI ethics she has made it to the ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics’ list for 2023. In addition she has recently won the AI Diversity Leader award at the Women in AI Netherlands gala.

Want to know more about Samaa and what has led her to become the AI ethics rolemodel she now is? Or how you can impact the world and people around you? Then come to the Humanities Career Night and explore the possibilities.”