Humanities Career Night


Rosa van der Linden (ENG) (2023)

Junior Communication Advisor at Municipality of Amsterdam

Rosa makes impact by contributing to social cohesion

Indy van Buul (Adelante): “Rosa van der Linden did her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Latin American studies with a minor in art history in Amsterdam. She then earned her master’s degree in Intercultural Communication with the Spanish track at Utrecht University. After graduating in 2022, she worked at the museum De Oude Kerk as a researcher on diversity and inclusion in marketing and communication. This included researching how to reach the widest possible audience for exhibitions with a socio-politically engaged character. In the process, she wrote publications on the exhibitions of various artists.

Currently, Rosa is working as a community builder at Academy of the City, an organization that sets up social projects and bright assignments based on current issues. A project she is currently working on contributes to social cohesion within society and the integration of status holders in the Netherlands. Here she develops activities and events together with a team.

Rosa also is a junior communication advisor for the municipality of Amsterdam. Her tasks include supporting the dialogue between the city districts and its residents. She also plans, writes and edits texts for various media that appeal to people from Amsterdam of all backgrounds.

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