Humanities Career Night


Jan Pieter Koch (ENG) (2022)

Freelance musical advisor and composer at Cooked Music and Teacher at the institute of the Arts (Artez) in Arnhem

Yente van Hulst (SV Hucbald): “Jan Pieter Koch studied Musicology at Utrecht University from 1975 until 1986. He also studied classical guitar at the conservatory of Hilversum in order to broaden his education. Jan Pieter has worked at a lot of different places where his Musicology degree turned out to be very useful. He worked as musical coordinator at the Holland Symphonia for over 15 years. His work there was very varied. While working there made educational and cross-over programs for the orchestra Holland Symphonia, but he also made two gospel programs, three Arabic programs, a Bollywood program for ‘Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam’ and a program with songs of Harry Bannink. Right now, he is working as freelance musical advisor and composer and he is involved in big musical theatre productions. Besides this, he is also currently working as a musical theatre teacher at the institute of the Arts at Artez in Arnhem, where he teaches students how they can make theatre through music.”

Want to learn more about Jan Pieter’s career and the music he has composed? Come to the Career Night 2022 to find out more!