Humanities Career Night


(ENG) Jolise Volp (2020)

Zoë op ten Berg of Study Association Albion: “Jolise obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Utrecht University between 2009 and 2012. She then developed her love of both the English and the Dutch language further in the master Translation and the research master in Literary Translation. Since then, she has built up several years of experience to eventually become a Program Manager for primary and secondary education at Erasmus+. This organization focuses on internationalisation in Dutch education. Jolise position within this company is very diverse and her activities range from administrative tasks to providing information about the program and helping to determine organizational policy. In doing so, she cooperates with other international bodies within Europe. Jolise has been a board member of the USKO and has worked for Utrecht University for several years. She grew from project assistant for the TeCoLa project and the PETRA-E project to project secretary for the EDINA project. During the same period she was a student lecturer at the university and was allowed to lecture on the bachelor’s course ‘Translation and Translation Studies’. In her spare time Jolise does volunteer work. She has taken care of more than 40 orphans from home for the animal shelters in Utrecht and The Hague and cared for them until they were old and healthy enough to be adopted”.

Jolise Volp will give her presentation in English.