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Laurie Treffers (ENG) (2021)

Are you passionate about conflict-related content and the Middle-East? Are you curious what it’s like to work at a research platform that touches upon these kinds of subjects? Meet our next English-speaking alumna: Laurie Treffers!

Annelot van der Ziel (CS Ubuntu): “Laurie Treffers studied Linguistics from 2014 till 2017 at the University of Utrecht, followed by a Conflict Studies and Human Rights master. Her MA thesis focused on resistance of Palestinian women in rural areas, and was eventually shortlisted for the 2018 ‘Visions on Peace’-thesis price by the Dutch Foundation for Peace Studies and nominated for the 2019 Master Thesis Award and 2019 faculty of Humanity thesis prize of Utrecht University. From her studies till her working career, she has shown a great interest in the Middle East.

During her studies, Laurie Treffers worked at several newspapers, like ThePostOnline, De Moslimkrant, Egyptian Streets and some more. In 2018, she fulfilled the position of Project Support Officer at The Rights Forum, a platform focusing on realigning the Dutch government’s operational policy concerning Israel-Palestine with international law. The Rights forum is a high-level network of former ministers and professors of international law who have joined forces to promote a just and durable solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Currently Laurie is working as Conflict researcher and advocacy officer at Airwars. This platform monitors and assesses civilian harm from airpower-dominated international military actions, published in reports and data assessments.”