CarrièreNacht Geesteswetenschappen


Heidi Scholten (ENG) (2021)

Nienke: “Are you interested in education, but not in the standard secondary school job? Would you like to help the country by educating the military? Come and have a chat with Heidi Scholten at the Carrièrenacht upcoming March! Heidi has had a long career with jobs in different parts of the educational sector. Not only has she been a teacher of English and CKV at different levels of regular secondary education for over 8 years, but she has also worked as an assessor for students that want to become a teacher and she is currently employed at the Dutch Ministry of Defense as a teacher of English. Heidi can tell you all about the differences in the different educational jobs and she can give you the pros and cons about these jobs as well. We hope to see you there!”